Before Buying Bluetooth Headsets You Need to Know 10 Things

Bluetooth headset
When you have successfully choose a good mobile phone from a seemingly endless supply of mobile phones, select the headset can only be as extraordinary. To narrow down your choices, a Bluetooth headset may just be the perfect option for anyone looking for a hands-free solution. Why, you might ask?

Bluetooth headsets offer a convenient wireless connection between the headset and your Bluetooth mobile phone. But before reaching the first Bluetooth headset that you see in the store, there are some things you need to know about the integration of Bluetooth technology in modern mobile headset.

  1. Bluetooth is considered the most misunderstood technology in the wireless age because many people are not familiar of how it works. However, technology experts estimate that more than 50 million Bluetooth devices will launch at the end of 2007.
  2. Bluetooth technology works in a simple way. It allows two devices (i.e., your headset and your mobile phone) to communicate with each other by sending data over a low-cost, short-range radio waves.
  3. With Bluetooth technology, both devices do not need any wires and cables; they also do not need to be within line of sight. The only requirement for this technology to work is that both your cell phone and headset should be Bluetooth-compatible.
  4. Bluetooth technology does not cost a cent, aside from your initial investment with your mobile phone and headset.
  5. Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters and up to seven connections with a speed of 1 Mbps is possible at one time.
  6. Bluetooth comes in several versions, so you need to consider your mobile phone’s technology when picking out a headset. Make sure your two devices will work with each other smoothly. Most devices in the market work around Bluetooth 1.1, but Bluetooth 2.0 is available with enhancements to the technology, enabling higher connection speeds and higher number of devices.
  7. Bluetooth headsets come in two styles – models with a boom and without a boom. This “boom” is an extended microphone, designed to arch towards your mouth. Be aware that Bluetooth headsets with a boom tend to be bulkier than models without booms. However, they are designed to rest behind your ears, giving you a more comfortable experience.
  8. Today, Bluetooth headsets without a boom have become more popular because they are compact and offer more design choices. Some headset models are designed to fit directly into your ear, instead of just resting against the ear. To ensure you are comfortable with a particular model, check several styles to find the right fit.
  9. Some Bluetooth headsets available in the market have various features, such as caller ID display. While your mobile phone has caller ID, this feature is a great help when your phone is out of reach. Simply glance over the LCD display of your headset and you’ll know who’s on the line.
  10. When you find a compatible headset with your mobile phone, don’t just buy it at once. Make sure that you receive the best sound quality when making and receiving a call. Say goodbye to all its impressive features if sound quality suffers greatly.

Choosing a Bluetooth headset from the endless supply of features and models can be a big task. However, as long as you understand how this technology works, what features are important and what model of providing comfort, then you can be sure to buy the best headset suitable for your phone.


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